Concept Design

Once the kitchen layout has been agreed we focus on the visual elements of the room, this includes the overall look, design detailing and material options. 

Our highly realistic 3D visual design service allows you to experiment and fine tune these choices before committing.   

Colour Palette and Material Choices

One considerable advantage of choosing Ben Argent Kitchens is that we are not limited to offering a select range of materials and fixtures. Our kitchens are truly bespoke and individually designed to suit your space, taste and budget. 

Making decisions regarding colours, material finishes and other functional components of the kitchen can be a daunting experience - however, with our expert knowledge and design experience we take pride in simplifying this process by offering a selection of suitable options for further consideration. 

Construction Drawings

After the kitchen layout and material choices have been confirmed, we generate technical CAD drawings for the manufacture of all panels and for the precise setting out of the kitchen services and site installation.  

We invest hours of thought in every kitchen to ensure the detail and technicalities are thoroughly considered.

Plans showing the level of technical drawing work we invest in every kitchen project

The construction drawings are subject to client approval and us carrying out a detailed site survey.