Drawer Systems

We offer Blum Legrabox - the newest premium metal drawer system. It is available in three luxurious finishes that complement a wide variety of styles and colours. The stainless steel finish has an innovative coating that protects it from finger print marks. Legrabox offer four different heights of drawer side that are ideal for cutlery, utensil and deep pan drawers. 

We can make drawers to suit any cabinet width (even nonstandard dimensions). Our drawer bases can be lined with linoleum for a nonslip, high quality surface that can be easily cleaned. We have even designed our own unique range of cutlery dividers that can be tailor made to suit your specific layout requirements.


We use Hi-tech Blumotion hinges with innovative technology, award-winning design and enhanced user convenience. Every door can now close with one silent and graceful action. The soft close mechanism can be switched on or off depending on what’s needed.

Lift Mechanisms

We use Blum's range of Aventos lift mechanisms for high level and wall mounted cupboards. We consider these mechanisms to be very robust and can be used for a wide range of panel sizes. Aventos allows the doors to be lifted with the lightest of touches and we can adjust the tension on the mechanism so that the door stays open at any angle - useful for shorter individuals or higher level cupboards.