Blum Space Tower - Internal Larder Drawers

The perfect way to maximise storage capacity within a larder cupboard. We offer this system with different drawer types and setting out configurations.  

Zero protrusion hinges are used to ensure the drawers do not catch the edge of the door when it is opened.  

Double Larder Pantry Unit

Our larder-pantry units are fully customisable and can be configured to suit your requirements.  

This integrated storage system provides the following key features:

  • 180 degree full height doors which open to reveal the larder pantry unit.

  • Workstation to house food mixers, coffee machines, toaster etc. These can be plugged in to power sockets mounted in the back panel. The workstation top can be made to match the surrounding worktops.

  • Internal drawers for dry food storage.

  • Option for the top drawer to be a pull-out shelf for easier use of food mixers.

  • Additional open shelving, some stepped back to provide practical access to the workstation.    

  • Internal task / mood lighting which automatically illuminates when the doors are opened. Option for additional drawer interior lighting.

This 3D visual example is shown in isolation, but would typically be an integral part of a series of full height tower units.